Dear All,

We believe that the future success of our business is dependent on bringing sustainable practices into all elements of our operations. Our mission is to be one of the leading sustainable designer lifestyle brands through how we create our product, manage our operations and connect with our community and our stakeholders.

As part of the Corporate Responsibility program, we have established three principles and 10 commitments that, together across the entire organization, we are working to achieve by 2022. This program embraces the core values and spirit of the Christopolo® brand: it is inclusive, focused on quality and inspires us to make our sustainability ambitions an integral part of our business, every single day.

Rishi Gupta 
CEO, Christopolo®, India

From its artisan roots of a two men workshop to a company of 3000 spread all over the world, Christopolo® has stayed true to its strong heritage of craftsmanship and innovative design. Christopolo® stands out for the sensuous naturalness of its high-quality leathers and the smooth soft glow of its solid brass fittings in the leather goods it handcrafts.

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