Christopolo Leather Care

a) Classic: Our classic vegetable tanned leather has made Christopolo® the leader in domestic market for the use of ecological products. Vegetable tanned leather ages with Patina and Laguna, making it more beautiful with use.

b) Herringbone & Aniline: Sensous classic vegetable tanned cow hides, with heavy natural textured grains. Exotic embossed leathers which are great for classic as well as fashion handbags and small leather goods like pouches, clutches, keychains. Our embossed leathers are vegetable full grain, tanned and retain the emboss well. Continuous addition of new colors makes this ideal fashion lifestyle products.

How to Care for Leather Products :

Cleaning :

a) Rub lightly with soft damped cloth dipped in light shampoo solution.

b) In case of light colored leathers, avoid dirt and oil to prevent from blots of oil clotting, hence prevention is done from hampering the feel and gloss of the product.

c) Leathers worst enemies which do not come out our oil/ eggs/pen marks

d) Christopolo® light colored leather such as white, nude and beak have a special finish from 3M technologies that adds protective layers but this does not help against oil.

Storage :

a) Leather products should be well aired out or stored in a cloth bag.

b) Do not enclose leather products in plastic bags for a long period of time. The different absorption properties of each hide allow for unique textures and variations.

Moisure Control :

a) During monsoon, if fungus develops, it should be rubbed off with a soft cloth dipped in mild solution of Dettol.

b) If soaked wet, the bag should be stuffed to retain shape and left to dry in a shady area.

c) Do not dry in direct sunlight or with a hair dryer.

d) Extreme heat causes the leather to become stiff and cracks may develop.

Conditioning & Polishing :

a) If leather products become dry and lusterless, then kindly apply a small amount of Christopolo® cream.

b) How to use Christopolo® cream :

1) Patch test on a less visible part of the leather to check how the cream reacts to leather, i.e bottom of your bag.

2) Use a soft cloth/sponge

3) Rub lightly in circular motion.

4) Ensure it is worked into the seam and remove any excess cream using a cloth.

5) Use a cream as needed to lubricate and replenish the original suppleness and sheen of natural leather.

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